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How to Pick Wedding Jewelry for Your Big Day

There are so many different factors that contribute to picking the perfect wedding jewelry. For some, it is the bling factor. For others, it is the sentimental feeling that a piece has. No matter what designs you want for your big day, there are a few things to keep in mind before picking out accessories...

(1) Set a budget for your wedding jewelry

Just like any of your other vendors, when choosing your wedding jewelry, you need to set a budget. Trust me, it is very easy to be "blinded by the bling." Many brides tell me that they have no budget. Keep in mind that custom crystals and pearls add up quickly! As a designer, I never want to deliver a price to you that both shocks you and puts a bad taste in your mouth. If I know what your budget is upfront, I know to warn you as we creep into those pricier customization. I also know how to suggest other similar designs that may save you some money. However, if I do not know what your budget is up front, we both waste a lot of time trying to figure that out. Additionally, when setting your budget remember to respect your designer. Their love and hard work goes into everything they produce. Since most of these pieces are custom and made for your event, that is often reflected in the price tag.

(2) Wedding jewelry and your accessories are meant to enhance, not take over your look

As I was planning my own wedding, I scoured the internet and pinterest for wedding inspiration. And you know what I kept seeing? Bad jewelry. I know, you're wondering how that's even possible. The main thing you want to remember when picking the perfect wedding jewelry is that you want to enhance what's already there. I highly suggest visiting your wedding dress shop and trying it ALL on. I mean it all... Veil, jewelry, shoes, dress - try it all on! Do you like what you see? What does your eye focus on? I even suggest asking someone to take a picture of you. Do you still like what you see? Very easily we can fall in love with a particular accessory but when we put everything together, the bride can be easily taken over by these same accessories.  

(3) Remember it is your wedding day. Pick the wedding jewelry you like. And don't forget to ask yourself - am I comfortable! 

It sounds simple.... right? I mean, it is your wedding day, you should pick the wedding jewelry and accessories that you want... All too many times I have had brides being pressured by family and friends. The comment is simple, "Are you sure you really want to wear that...." There it is - the seed of doubt has been planted. So here is the truth (and I will say it again in case you missed it) - it is your wedding day, wear what will make you happy! If you want crystals, wear crystals! If you want pearls, wear pearls!

And don't forget to try it all on. If you're not comfortable, maybe rethink your look a little. You will look back at this for the rest of your life, be confident to know what your true style is and let it shine! 

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