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The Perfect Accessories for Your Next Zoom Call

Why is it important to accessorize for a zoom call?

Let's face it... zoom calls are not going away... So, how can you be stylish, trendy, and your true self?! Accessories! Adding a fun or colorful piece of jewelry to your look can really add a special boost of fun and self esteem.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect "zoom accessory":

  1. Bold colors- Want to be seen? Choose bright or bold colors as they show up best on a screen.
  2. Statement pieces or pieces with larger stones- When wanting your accessories to show up over a zoom, it is best to choose larger pieces with substantial sized stones. Anything small tends to disappear on camera.
  3. Focus on earrings or necklaces- Depending on how you have your camera, most often your viewer will only see you from the waist up - a necklace or earrings are perfect for this. Focus on those. Can you wear a bracelet? Sure. However, if you really want your accessories to pop on screen, I would focus on your earrings and necklace. 
  4. Comfort- Seriously.... Zoom calls can be... well.... awkward and long and exhausting!! When picking accessories, pick pieces that make you feel comfortable. When you add a piece of jewelry to a look, you should be excited. Your comfort will exude through your next zoom. 

The best jewelry for zoom calls

Fabulous news - the following pieces are sure to dazzle and wow on your next zoom call! From bold color to statement pieces, these pieces have you covered! 

Multi color lucite leaf earrings with mother of pearl accent and gold wire

Colorful Statement Earrings

These earrings are so fabulous and will be definitely noticed on your zoom call! Each mother of pearl stone is hand wired to the lucite component. After, a stainless steel post is attached to the back. This collection has several pairs of earrings in various shapes and colors! Click here for these colorful statement earrings! 

Turquoise gemstone and gold wood bead three strand statement necklace

Statement Necklaces

Bold color statement necklaces are a sure way to get noticed on your next zoom call. These gemstone necklaces are fun and easy to style. A good statement necklace is always a "must have" for your accessories wardrobe. Click here for these colorful statement necklaces! 

I hope you found this helpful! 

Happy zooming! 

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