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Expert Wedding Jewelry Advice from an Award Winning Wedding Planner

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There's something truly special about collaborating with fellow wedding professionals, and my excitement soared when Tara, the brilliant mind behind Dream Makers, approached me to create custom bridal hair pieces and bridal bouquet charms. With her stellar reputation as one of the industry's top wedding planners, Tara has an unmatched eye for detail. So, I couldn't resist asking her to share some invaluable insights on wedding jewelry. Tara graciously reveals her top three tips for selecting, styling, and ensuring you don't overlook any essential wedding jewelry elements on your big day.

Tara suggests to keep the following in mind when picking your wedding jewelry.

  1. Choose wedding jewelry that is timeless
    When it comes to selecting your wedding jewelry, it's essential to opt for pieces that exude timeless elegance. While trendy jewelry can be exciting and fashionable, it's crucial to consider the long-term impact. Imagine looking back at your wedding photos years from now and feeling a sense of regret over trendy choices that have become outdated. To avoid this, prioritize classic gems, metals, and colors that transcend passing trends. By selecting timeless pieces, you can ensure that your wedding jewelry remains a cherished symbol of your special day, effortlessly radiating sophistication and grace for years to come.

  2. Be sure to include your wedding jewelry in the accessories you hand over to the photographers in the beginning of the day.
    This will allow for some great getting ready photos! 

  3. Bring your wedding jewelry and hair pieces to your fittings and hair trials to make sure they complete your look the way you envision.
    If you don't like the look, there's plenty of time to change it. Your hair didn't turn out how you wanted? Speak with your stylist. Feel like you need bigger earrings? Start looking! There's always time to perfect that look. Seeing the look all put together will help you see if it's the look you envisioned. 

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