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lynne of lynnique jewelry headshot

Lynnique jewelry started when I was a child. I would sit for hours and just craft the time away. Hair bows, painted pottery, crocheting, jewelry - you name it, I was making it. As I got older, I started to make jewelry because I thought - why buy it when I can make it? That love of all things crafty transitioned to college life. Upon graduating, I was dealing with a health issue. I turned to jewelry as a way to cope with it and get through it. It was like I blinked and I was suddenly surrounded by bracelets and necklaces of all kinds. At that point, I hit a fork in the road - what do I do with all this jewelry? And without hesitation, the answer was simple - I need to start a business! So, in the early 2000's with no clue what I was getting in to, Lynnique was born.

At one point, my life and career took a little detour. I went back to get my Master's Degree and taught for 10 years. Even then, I knew something was missing. After my daughter was born, I looked at this new little nugget and knew in my heart that I just couldn't leave her. Would I really leave my career and profession? Am I really going to put all this education aside - after earning a Master's Degree and 6 (yes, six) teaching certificates? Yes, I did. So, I held my breath and jumped into Lynnique with two feet.

One day, I hope my daughters will be able to look at my accomplishments and be proud of me. They will be able to see that women can do hard things and we can build businesses from scratch.