Royal Style Inspo - Princess Beatrice's Gold Statement Earrings

photo of princess wearing white and gold statement earrings and photo of long white and gold statement earrings with text that reads - royal style inspo

I gasped when I saw these pictures of Princess Beatrice. (Photo by: PA Images via Getty Images) Talk about royal style inspo!! Princess Beatrice's gold statement earrings white white accents are chic and fashion forward. The signature look of a princess is timeless, classic and always flawless. The best part, I have the perfect earrings if you want to get this look! The white palms and white flower earrings are the perfect way to snag this style!



Royal Style Inspiration - The Flower Dangle Earrings

This new design is sure to capture attention. The intricate and delicate design make them easy to dress up (like Princess Beatrice) or dress down (in a jeans and tshirt). These long gold statement earrings have a beautiful white flower accent and are similar design to Beatrice's earrings - delicate, dangle, and fabulous!

Why I love these earrings.... They are 14kt gold plated and they have fabulous cubic zirconia and glass flower detailing.

Shop the long gold statement earrings with flowers here!


Royal Style Inspiration - The White Palms

The white palm statement earrings are one of my all time best best selling earrings! What's not to love? They are a fun and dramatic gold statement earring. Oh, and I need to mention that they are very light weight!! These beautiful earrings sure to dazzle as they are unique and a new design. 

Why I love these earrings.... They have 14kt gold plated wiring, genuine mother of pearl stones, and stainless steel posts (perfect for sensitive ears!).

Shop the white and gold palm statement earrings here!


Still need help?

Choosing accessories can be hard! But, I'm here to help. Simply send me an email and I'd be happy to assist you and help you get that official royal look! 

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