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Fashion Forecast - How to Accessorize Pantone's 2022 Spring and Summer Colors

As we step into spring and summer, one thing is certain... pops of color are popping up! Every season, fashion trends are dictated by the colors of the year and I'm here to tell you that they are all winners!


3 pairs of blue statement earrings, two stacks of blue beaded bracelets, and 3 color swatches of blue fabric. Text reads blues - style with crisp whites and shades of blue

How to Style Shades of Blue

Spun Sugar, Glacier Lake and Skydiver

When I look at these gorgeous shades of blue, I think - of water vibes. Perhaps a flashback to my Italian vacation and the waters of Capri! Shades of blue always have a calming and cleansing vibe to me. They always have such a refreshing feel and make me think - vacation!

How to style these colors?

I love styling shades of blue with other amazing shades of blue. Blue jeans, blue tops - bring on all the blue! lol. When accessorizing blue, I tend to add on shades of complimentary shades of blue, crisp whites and metallics (think shiny silver or bright yellow gold).

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two pairs of pink statement earrings, one pair of pink druzy studs, and two stacks of pink beaded bracelets with two pink fabric swatches. Text that reads pinks- style with more pink

How to Style Shades of Pink

Gossamer Pink and Innuendo

Oh pink, oh how I love you. I really do love a fabulous shade of pink and gossamer and innuendo are FABULOUS!  These pops of pink say 'oh hello spring and summer, we have arrived!'  Famous designers - Versace, Chanel, Valentino - all had these shades up and down the runway for their spring collections. These shades of pink have such a fun energy and a daring attitude. Honestly, I think we all need a little fabulous pink in our lives right now.

How to style these colors?

I love styling pink with pink. Wearing a fun pink top? Then throw on those pink earrings that you've been eyeing! Pink on pink works. Think to yourself, would Elle Woods think this is too much pink?

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 three pairs of long gold statement earrings, one pair of gold crystal studs and several gold beaded bracelets stacked. Three fabric swatches of purple, yellow and an orange/red shades. Text reads - bold shades - style with gold

How to Style Bright Pops of Color

Dahlia, Daffodil and Poinciana

When I look at these shades I love that they are bold bursts of color. They are stunning. These fun and bold colors demand and capture attention. 

How to style these colors?

When styling such rich and bold colors, I love to use metallics. Fabulous gold stacking bracelets or a bold gold earring is definitely the way to go!

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two pairs of statement earrings, one pair of gold druzy studs, and a gold bangle bracelet with pearl. One fabric swatch in brown. Text reads - cocoa mocha - style with pearls, gold and crisp white

How to Style Earth Tones

Coca Mocha

When I look at this color I think of an amazing up of coffee or a delicious piece of chocolate. This earthy and nature inspired color is fabulous. This spring, designers like Givenchy and Fendi had mocha and earth tones going up and down the runway. Why? Because it's classic and timeless and a beautiful shade of brown is always a wardrobe 'must have.'

How to style these colors?

I love styling a beautiful mocha brown with tons of gold and pearls! When in doubt, add more pearls and more gold! After all, more is more. Also, a crisp white always pairs well with coca mocha browns.

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Still need help?

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