4 Tips For Transitioning Your Jewelry Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

4 Tips For Transitioning Your Jewelry Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Welcome to Lynnique! I am so happy that you are joining me on this sparkle experience.

While working and developing my business, I noticed that a lot of companies sell jewelry but they do not necessarily educate about the jewelry. Here, my hope is to provide styling tips, show you how to care for your jewelry, offer some styling and gift guides, and so much more!

With the passing of Labor Day weekend, we all know that summer has unofficially ended. I thought I would share a few tips on how to transition your "summer jewelry" into the fall.

FULL DISCLOSURE.... I love jewelry. Shocking, I know. I suggest that you wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

The following rules are geared for those situations where you want to continue wearing those bright colored pieces but you aren't sure how. These rules work best for stacking bracelets and necklaces!

So here it is... My 4 steps for transitioning jewelry from summer to fall!

1. Add a neutral
      A neutral is a great way to mute out the appearance of a bright color. When you add a subtle neutral, it helps trick your eyes into toning down the brightness. The overall aesthetic will be a little less bright. 

2. Add a metallic
      When in doubt, add a metallic. I love metallics - silver, rose gold, yellow gold - they are all fabulous. We all love metallics. They transition beautifully into the fall. 

3. Add a darker color
     The darker color will shift the overall coloring and it will appear to darken up. Again, this is another trick your eyes play on you. The darker color being added changes the overall color tone. 

4. Just have fun!!
      This is really the most important "rule" of them all. If a piece of jewelry brightens your day, wear it. 

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