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How To Clean and Store Your Jewelry

While working and developing my business, I noticed that a lot of companies sell jewelry but they do not necessarily educate about the jewelry. But... then you met me! Your jewelry bestie! I hope to help with some tips for you to get the most wear out of your jewels.

So, let's talk about jewelry care, cleaning, and storage.

For jewelry storage:

  • Let's start when you receive a beautiful piece of jewelry. Most times, it comes in a cute box. Here is the thing... these boxes are quite practical. They allow you to store jewelry separately while minimizing exposure to air. Air causes any metal to change over time.
  • If you want to go one step further, you can store jewelry in individual bags inside of the boxes to reduce all air exposure.

For cleaning fine jewelry:

  • What type of jewelry is this? Think sterling silver, gold, platinum....Think engagement rings and wedding bands. 
  • Recommendation: Keep your rings on your hands while washing. You can use regular soap and water. If you have rubbing alcohol, you can also add some to a cotton ball and dab it on these pieces. 

For cleaning costume jewelry:

  • What type of jewelry is this? Think anything else that is NOT fine jewelry. This includes: gold filled, gold plated, sterling silver filled, etc. 
  • Recommendation: Do NOT use soap/water/rubbing alcohol on these pieces as it may ruin them. Instead, I recommend putting your jewelry pieces in a box (maybe a shoe box) and place them out of sight for several days. To be extra safe, leave them alone for a week. **This recommendation is based off of the CDC guidelines for how long a virus can live on surfaces.**