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Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2023

As we head into 2023, we all want to know what accessories to wear. Jewelry can really elevate your look. As you all know, I strive to make designs that easily transition from day to night.

And before I begin, I really need to say... trends are just that, trends. So, the most important things to remember is do you like it and will you feel comfortable wearing it. Don't feel pressured to wear a trend - jewelry or otherwise - just because it's the "in" thing. Also, don't forget about comfort. If you're not comfortable, everyone will know, and no trend can hide that.


Top Jewelry Trends




Statement Making Pearls

Let's face it... pearls will always be in style. This year, a top trend is pearls that make a statement. Chunky pearls? Yes. Pearl statement earrings? Yes. 2023 is the year of oversized pearl accessories that bring the drama!

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Long Earrings

When it comes to earrings, the longer the better! Pearls, crystals, metallics - they are all in! A long and dramatic pair of earrings can elevate even the most simple look. Wearing a tshirt and jeans? Just add long earrings and you have an amazing look.

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Impactful Bracelet Stacks

Oh how I love a good bracelet stack. A good stack can make a huge impact on your outfit. From cuffs to stacks, this year is all about the wrist drama.

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Floral Accents

As I saw all the florals on the runway, I was reminded of the famous line from Devil Wears Prada. "Florals. For spring? Groundbreaking." I'll just be over here giggling to myself. But seriously, they were all over the runway - fabrics, jewelry, handbags, shoes - florals, florals florals.

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Sparkling Silver

Where are all my silver fans? I have amazing news for you. Silver. Is. Back! Although gold is still popular, it was silver that was noticeable all over the runway. While gold isn't going anywhere soon, sometimes it can be fun by stepping out and switching up normal preferred metal.

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