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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for Bracelet Lovers

Oh hello beautiful sparkle loving friend!!

Are you shopping for someone who loves bracelets? Well, I have the guide for you. Bracelets are always a popular gift. Wear them alone... stack them up... the options are endless! Let's get real for a moment, you can never go wrong with a fabulous piece of jewelry.... that being said, I totally understand how it can be confusing and hard to pick the perfect piece. 

I have rounded up some of my best sellers to help you out! 

Agate Gemstone Stacking Bracelets
Let's talk beaded bracelets... Everyone has them. They are a fun way to spice up any outfit. When I started making mine, I knew that they needed a *twist* - something fresh... That is why I decided to create the *BOUTIQUE BRACELET COLLECTION!* These are not your average bracelets... I have searched the world for the best combination of gemstones and metal (14kt gold plated and sterling silver) beads. Each bracelet is a one of a kind piece (because no two stones are the same) from a very limited collection.

Gemstone Chain Bracelets
These agate slice bracelets are truly unique. Since no two stones are alike, these pieces are completely one of a kind. This bracelet definitely makes a statement and is so fun to wear!

Crystal Holiday Beaded Bracelets
Are you looking for the perfect holiday jewelry that your wrist will love? Look no further. These holiday stacking sets are the perfect pieces for your wardrobe. These beautiful beaded bracelets can be worn alone or all stacked up. They are the perfect holiday gift! Each bracelet is stretchable and easily layers with other bracelets or a watch. These glass beads are a fun new addition - they can dazzle alone or be stacked up.

Crystal & Wire Bangles
I love a good bangle bracelet. These wire bangles are a new collection and they are simply fabulous. Each bangle has a hook and eye closure which allows you to effortlessly take it on and off. Each bracelet is either one of a kind or of a very limited collection.

Rose Gold & Silver Beaded Bracelets
The fun part about metallic beaded bracelets is that they will never go out of style. Hand strung silver and rose gold hematite beads make for a classic look that can be worn all year long. This is the perfect new accessory that you need to spice up any stack.

Mommy & Me Bracelets
This past summer, my daughter became *obsessed* bracelets. Each day, she would pick the exact one she would want to wear. She is only two but a fierce design critic! After seeing how she loved the bracelets, I designed to launch a small collection that includes children's bracelets as well as mommy and me sets.

Confetti with Gold Bracelets
Vibrant, lightweight, colorful bracelets - perfect for year round. A combination of polymer clay beads and 14kt gold plated beads. Treat yourself to a fun new bracelet! These rainbow bracelets are the *hottest* new design for this season!  

Lava Rock Bracelets
These bracelets are a new spin on an old classic look. The metallic plated lava stones add a twist to a regular metallic beaded bracelet. Also, the silver brass beads add a fun contrast. As the brass beads age over time, they will develop a more rustic look. 

Crystal Bracelet
I absolutely loved creating this piece as I was drawn to the bright colored chaton crystals. Enjoy wearing this piece of jewelry to show your true unique style. This design is a one of a kind design!