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How to Stack Bracelets

I get it... sometimes, accessorizing can be tricky. One easy and trendy way to perfectly accessorize your look is by stacking your bracelets aka arm party! 

How many bracelets is too many for a bracelet stack?

The limit does not exist. Ok, ok... I had to throw in a Mean Girls reference...

I know your goal is to always look your best, right?  I really only have one piece of advice when creating your stack. When deciding on the number of bracelets to wear, just make sure you choose whatever is comfortable for you.

A few tips for creating the perfect bracelet

  • Adding color is a simple way to get the party started. Choose a piece with a fun shape or color, even a beaded strand works here. Be sure to use coordinating colors.
  • If you’re going for a classic look, all metal bracelets will work perfectly! Choose your favorite metal in different sizes or mix it up with mixed metals! Gold + Silver + Rose Gold = Arm party!
  • Mix it up, sizes and shapes that is. This will keep your bracelet stacking arm party a more personalized look and feel.
  • Don't be symmetrical. One wrist should have more bracelets than the other. 
  • Be practical. Do not wear big chunky statement necklace with your arm party. A fabulous stack of bracelets should be the focus! If you add a statement necklace and statement earrings, the overall look may be a little overdone.  
  • Don’t be afraid to be different. Sometimes wearing your cuff bracelets upside down looks even better!
  • The best piece of advice: make sure you're comfortable! Choose an outfit and arm party to suit you!

One last tip for creating the perfect stack
Don’t be afraid to mix it up, do something different and just have fun with your arm party! Don't over analyze, don't over think, just have fun!

Still need some help?
Choosing accessories can be hard! But guess what... I'm here to help! I have put together some arm party bundles just for you!  


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