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How to Choose the Perfect Statement Earrings

How do you choose statement earrings?

Back in the day, many of us learned to wear a basic stud earring for daily wear, and those sparkling dangle earrings were saved for special occasions or a night out. Not anymore! The statement earring is the new daily earring! With so many options for every day and every occasion, there is always an excuse to wear statement earrings!

Statement earrings a quick way to pull together your appearance and give an illusion of beauty preparation (even if you only spent five minutes).

Tips for Choosing a Fabulous Statement Earring

  1. Try them on for comfort. You don’t buy shoes without trying them on, right? Same goes for your earrings. You want to make sure they are comfortable, not too heavy, and not tugging at your earlobe.
  2. Look for quality materials – cheap metals can irritate your ears (and turn them green, yuk!). Durability is key. You don’t want to worry about them falling out or falling apart when you are on an adventure with your family and friends.
  3. Make them the focal accessory. Avoid a bold necklace or too many bangles, let the earrings do the talking.
  4. You should feel fabulous. Whether you are lounging around the house, running around town, at work or on a date night, you should feel fabulous wearing your statement earrings!

My Favorite Statement Earrings

I love a fabulous piece of jewelry. Here are some amazing designs that are currently my favorites. 

glitter teardrop statement earrings modeled on woman
Glitter Teardrop Earrings: These mother of pearl stones are hand wired to an amazing glitter teardrop. This creates an elegant look. These earrings are fun and exciting! After all, who doesn't love some extra glitter and sparkle?! 
Looking for these fabulous glitter teardrop statement earrings? Click here!


peacock leaf threader earring modeled on woman
Peacock Threader Earrings: These beautiful earrings are fun and light weight. The "peacock" leaf is made up of various beautiful colored chains (pink, blue, black, gold, red) and clear crystals - for an ultimate unique look. They are the perfect accessory for grabbing cocktails with friends or a special night on the town! 
Looking for these amazing peacock threader earrings? Click here! 


green lucite palm and mother of pearl with yellow gold statement earrings
Green Palm Earrings: These earrings come with stainless steel posts and rubber push back backings. These beautiful earrings are sure to dazzle as they are a unique design.
Looking for the fabulous palm statement earrings? Click here! 


pink glass flowers and clear cubic zirconia on leaf yellow gold statement earrings
Pink Flower Leaf Dangle Earrings: The right earrings can pull an entire outfit together, and these pink flower earrings will make your ensemble shine. You'll love the versatility of the design and all the complements you'll get!
Looking for these amazing flower dangle earrings? Click here!  



Still need some help?
Choosing statement earrings can be hard! But guess what... I'm here to help! Comment below or send me an email and I'd be happy to help you pick the perfect statement earrings for your look.

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