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How to Accessorize a Black Dress

How to Accessorize a Black Dress

What's not to love about a black dress? It can be dressed up or down, it's perfect for any occasion, and it always looks chic. If you're looking for some styling inspiration, read on for some ideas on how to make your black dress work for you.

A solid black dress is the perfect, plain canvas for you to add color with personalized accessories. Consider the following ways to accessorize:

  • Add statement earrings - A pair of statement earrings can go well with your little black dress, especially for more formal occasions.
  • Add a necklace - Adding a statement necklace gives a focal point to your outfit and can act as a personal touch.
  • Add a stack of bracelets - A perfectly created bracelet stack adds a fun pop to any outfit.

How to Style Types of Little Black Dresses

There are so many different ways to style necklines. Here are some of my favorite "go to" styling ideas that will fabulous every time. 

For a V-neck - There are two ways you can style this. The first is with a classic dangle earring and some bracelet stacks. The second way is to wear a shorter necklace that accentuates the neckline. This allows you to show off the sleekness of the dress’s contours.

Scoop neck - I really love simple beaded necklaces with a scoop neckline.  Whether black, white, or something colorful - anything can work. Pearls can really pop against classic black!

Strapless dress - For a classic strapless dress, I would suggest either a big statement necklace or a big pair of statement dangle earrings. If you choose to wear the necklace, make sure it hits above the dress. This allows the necklace to really pop as an accessory. 

High neck - A high neckline looks amazing with bracelets. With this neckline, I'd avoid the necklace or statement earrings. Instead, opt for a classic stud earring with a big cuff or stacked bracelets.


    Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Styling a Black Dress

    Obviously, in some ways, every color goes with black. However, just because a color doesn’t clash doesn’t mean it sets off the LBD in the right way.

    • Colors to wear with your Little Black Dress - When in doubt, just wear more black. Black is a particularly good color for your LBD because it does not draw the eye back and forth from the dress to the jewelry.
    • Add a hint of metallics – Gold and silver are the perfect colors for your LBD. The little black dress acts as a blank canvas for your jewels allowing those metallics to really pop. If you really want something to look strong and powerful, you can handle some attention, go with some metallic earrings and metallic bracelets. Adding some fabulous metallic accessories can make that black dress go from drab to fab! 
    • Comfort - This is my number one tip.... be comfortable!! While I constantly ask my customers to take a risk and accessorize, I want you to be comfortable. Why? Because comfort creates strength. If you're uncomfortable in your accessories - no matter how amazing they are - everyone will know. So make sure you're comfortable with your look before stepping out!


    With some carefully-planned, simple pieces of jewelry, you can rock the LBD in a way that accentuates it and doesn’t overshadow it.


    Choosing accessories can be hard! But guess what... I'm here to help! Need help accessorizing your little black dress? Send me an email ( or comment below.

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