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3 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Jewelry This Spring & Summer

It's finally here! The warm weather has arrived. And with that, let's discuss three simple ways for you to take care of your jewelry this summer. 

  1. At the Beach - The salt water and sand are very rough on any piece of jewelry. It does not matter how well made a piece is, it will get beat up (or ruined) in certain circumstances. So, my advice is to please leave the bling at home for beach trips.
  2. At the pool - Pool chemicals can erode real and fake jewelry. It's best to take your baubles off before taking a dip!
  3. When applying sunscreen - Sunscreen and lotions can ruin jewelry. Follow these tips - take off all jewelry, apply sunscreen, wait 30 minutes, and put jewelry back on.

Enjoy the sun and summer fun!